On 1 April 2019, the revised Working Time Regulation comes into force

Ab 1.4.19 - revidierte Arbeitszeitverordnung tritt in Kraft

These changes were drafted at the request of the social partners concerned.


In cooperation with the social partners, the Federal Council has drafted two amendments to the Labour Code:

  • It is now possible for personnel with information and communication technology tasks to work at night and on Sundays without special approval. However, any night and/or Sunday work must be of an essential nature for the rectification of faults or the maintenance of the network or IT structure.
  • In the case of hospitality businesses, a working week can now be extended to seven days. In addition, the weekly free half-day can be scheduled differently; in order to take better account of the specific needs of the hospitality industry, it must now start no later than 2:30 pm instead of 2:00 pm.

(Source: SECO)


Rental income from Airbnb and similar arrangements is taxable

The net income from these rental arrangements must be declared on your tax return under “Other taxable income”.

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Caution when dealing with competitors

If competitors implicitly coordinate their business conduct with each other, they run the risk of triggering an investigation.

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A new payment slip for Switzerland

As of June 30 2020, domestic payments will be exclusively transacted by means of the respective account number in the IBAN format. Verifying the correctness of the IBAN will minimise errors and increases the speed of transfers. Swiss banks and PostFinance intend to standardise their various payment systems in accordance with the new requirements.

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